Medical Project

Healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Tanzanians in rural villages and poor urban areas. Volunteers on the Medical project help to provide care in these areas and work alongside local medical professionals, gaining an understanding of the healthcare system in Tanzania. Volunteers work in medical clinics and hospitals and are placed according to previous experience and training. Some hospitals and clinics include departments, such as Laboratory Testing, Pharmacy, Maternity and Family Planning, Radiology, Ultrasound and Dentistry, and volunteers who have an interest in any of these areas are asked to make a note in their application. The key attributes for a successful Medical volunteer are initiative, enthusiasm and readiness to work in basic facilities with limited resources. It is important that volunteers have realistic expectations with regards to the activities that they will be involved in on the Medical project. Volunteers generally shadow local doctors and provide basic patient care, as procedures must comply with the Tanzania Healthcare System and most volunteers cannot communicate directly with patients due to language barriers. Volunteers need to understand that a key role on this project is simple observation and it is unlikely that you will be involved in operations or independent tasks. Volunteers on this project must be trained and qualified in a relevant medical field. Paramedics, EMTs, and other healthcare professionals are welcome to join the Medical project in Tanzania, however it is important to note that volunteers are placed within a general practice clinic or hospital, rather than working within their specialized roles.

In Arusha, Tanzania, Karibu Tanzania offers volunteer programs that are relatively inexpensive, safe, meaningful, and flexible. Volunteers may immerse themselves in local culture, strive to empower and improve the poor and needy, and travel to intriguing locations by enlisting. It's a more in-depth and meaningful approach to travel.


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