Care Project

Due to the high rate of HIV/AIDS and other illnesses prevalent in Sub-Saharan African countries, there are a large number of children left orphaned in Tanzania. In addition, there are many children who have been abandoned by their parents, as they are unable to provide for them. Given the family-oriented culture of Tanzania, orphaned and abandoned children tend to be taken in by extended family or neighbors, however these children put a considerable strain on the families who take them in and they are often sent to orphanages for certain hours of the day to receive education, interaction and food. As the children do not usually live at these orphanages and are only there for a few hours each day, volunteers on this project are often required to teach the children. In addition to teaching, volunteers are also required to help with the general running of the orphanage and daily chores. Volunteer tasks include teaching, cooking and cleaning, farm work, caring for children and babies, and assisting with feeding programs.

In Arusha, Tanzania, Karibu Tanzania offers volunteer programs that are relatively inexpensive, safe, meaningful, and flexible. Volunteers may immerse themselves in local culture, strive to empower and improve the poor and needy, and travel to intriguing locations by enlisting. It's a more in-depth and meaningful approach to travel.


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