Hiv / AIDS Awareness

Tanzania has one of the highest national HIV / AIDS prevalence rates in the world. As the largest country in East Africa, it bears a large share of the global epidemic. The estimated HIV prevalence rate is 8.6% among adults aged 15-49. 65% of new infections occur among youth aged 15-24 years

In the city of Arusha, in Tanzania volunteers will interact with HIV-positive children and adults in activities to promote awareness and prevention. In addition, they will participate in counseling services and educational programs at local hospitals and clinics. The overall goal is to raise personal perception of the risk of HIV among men, women, and children in the community by educating them about the life-threatening dangers it poses. In addition, participants are expected to help with other factions such as hospice care, recreational programs, HIV testing, and seminars and conferences within the community.

The goal of the HIV / AIDS program is to decrease the spread of HIV through raising awareness and education, increasing access to medical care, and providing emotional support to those affected by HIV/AIDS within the community.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in a community HIV/AIDS organization to assist with homecare visits to HIV positive people, educate about safe sex practices, counsel community, school groups and individuals, and help provide basic medical care. This role is suitable for a caring, motivated, and self-directed person. Medical training is not necessary for all aspects of the program, but a background in HIV/AIDS and basic health care is required. Volunteers will receive a full briefing before getting involved with this Project.

All too often parents cannot afford to take care of their children, especially if they are faced with a combination of poverty and HIV/AIDS. This is the reason there are so many street children and orphans in Africa. By assisting with these projects you are helping to educate and entertain children who may not receive care and attention elsewhere.

Type of skills you need to do this project:

Initiative, enthusiasm, and patience will be essential characteristics for any volunteer embarking on this project. You will need to understand the key aims of your project as a focal point for the broader community and be aware of the long term goals in order to appreciate the hands on work that this project will require.

Any specific skills that you can contribute – such as teaching experience, environmental issues, community health advice, counseling and sports coaching – will be appreciated. Volunteers will need to be pro-active in instigating activities they particularly want to get up and running as supervision and leadership may be fairly minimal.

Your role as a volunteer: Your role in the program will be to provide a range of skills and activities, depending on your experience. You will almost certainly be asked to help with informal teaching to children and adults. Your role could include activities in nurseries, children’s homes, with HIV/Aids Victims, helping adults to practice their English, and arranging fun activities.

Volunteers will work with a HIV/AIDS outreach clinic conducting home-based care to people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The homecare will include counseling to the caretakers and distributing medication and food supplies to people suffering with HIV or AIDS. Other duties will depend on which projects the organization is working on when the volunteers is there. Volunteers will sometimes be required to visit a branch office.

Volunteers in the HIV/AIDS program will devote their time taking care of HIV/AIDS infected children and adults while getting them engaged in various educational activities designed to increase their awareness of the disease; in hopes of their dissemination of the information to others – with the goal of ultimately stopping and preventing the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, and eventually Africa as a whole

In Arusha, Tanzania, Karibu Tanzania offers volunteer programs that are relatively inexpensive, safe, meaningful, and flexible. Volunteers may immerse themselves in local culture, strive to empower and improve the poor and needy, and travel to intriguing locations by enlisting. It's a more in-depth and meaningful approach to travel.


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