Meru Trekking 3 – 4 Days

Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second tallest peak, located about 20 kilometers east of Arusha town. The peak is 4566 meters above sea level and is located within the Arusha National Park.

Meru has just one path to the summit, which can be completed in three days, although we strongly advise doing it for four days to allow for acclimatization. Before climbing Kilimanjaro, most alpine climbers acclimate on Meru. The volcano explosion resulted in less snow on the peak.

When ascending Mount Meru, unlike Kilimanjaro, you must be escorted by an armed ranger(s) as you travel through the Arusha National Park.

The Meru is more difficult than Kilimanjaro in terms of technical difficulty and demands strong physical condition, as the last 1000 meters are extremely steep.
Climbing abilities, however, are not necessary.