Karibu Tanzania Safaris is a Tanzanian Registered safari company operated by local who are knowledgeable in flora and fauna The staff team are trained and well qualified in Hospitality and Tourism and have more than 7 years’ experience of hands on Interns, Volunteers and tourism operations in Tanzania. It is within this strength that at any time you would like to travel to East Africa, Karibu Tanzania Safaris should be your travel Operator .With a combination of high level of training and experience, our Guests will always go back different as the level of experience and information they get from us will always be superior. It is our goal that all our visitors leave the East African Region with basket overflowing with over expectations.

Our visitors remain our Ambassadors in their country of origin as a link to us with future partners or visitors.

The quality service we provide to our Visitors remains one of our strong marketing strategies hence all our visitors are treated as VIPs. We make the Safari but you own it.